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Provanston Equestrian Centre Terms & Conditions

By booking arena hire or a position on one of our equestrian clinics you are fully agreeing to the terms and conditions of Provanston Equestrian Centre. This is a binding contract that comes into force upon payment of your session. Provanston Equestrian Centre trades under Provanston and as such the following agreements are with Provanston.

As such, you are solely responsible for the reading and understanding of the Provanston Equestrian Centre terms and conditions. If you have any further questions regarding these, please Contact Us.


Our Bio-Security must be adhered to at all times. See below.

Insurance Policy

All horses attending Provanston Equestrian Centre must be FULLY INSURED with public liability cover of up to £1 million. All riders attending must be experienced riders.

  1. All riders attend Provanston Equestrian Centre at their own risk.
  2. As such Provanston Equestrian Centre will not be held liable for any damage or loss incured whilst on the property.
  3. Provanston Equestrian Centre will not be liable for any horse or rider injury incured whilst on the property.
  4. Attending Provanston Equestrian Centre is entirely at your own risk.
  5. As such, any loss, damage or injury incurred to yourself, your horse, your vehicle/trailer or your property whilst attending Provanston Equestrian Centre will be entirely at your own risk and must be covered by your own insurance policies.
  6. By attending Provanston Equestrian Centre you are accepting this responsibility and agreeing to our terms of carrying adequate isurance policies personally.

Bio-Security Policy

At Provanston Equestrian Centre we are committed to keeping horses healthy and taking steps to minimise the spread of infection and disease. As such we request the following procedures be adhered to when attending our facilities:

  1. All riders must bring their own water and buckets to tend to their horses needs whilst on site.
  2. Riders must not touch any unnecessary areas.
  3. Visitors are not permitted to venture around our facilities.
  4. Please do not touch, feed or pat our resident horses at Provanston Equestrian Centre.
  5. Equine Influenza vaccinations are mandatory for all animals entering the Provanston Equestrian Centre.
  6. All riders must be in possession of a valid passport and vaccination certificate – this should be presented to reception on arrival.
  7. All horses must have received two injections for primary vaccination against Equine Influenza given no less than 21 days and no more than 92 days apart.
  8. In addition, a first booster injection must be given no less than 150 days and no more than 215 days after the second injection of the primary vaccination before an animal can enter the Provanston Equestrian Centre.
  9. Subsequently, booster injections must be given at intervals of not more than one year apart.
  10. Failure to comply will result in the hores (and all accompanying animals) being refused entry to the Provanston Equestrian Centre. Those refused entry on this basis will forfeit any fees and other associated costs. The Provanston Equestrian Centre will not be liable for any compensation.

Refund Policy

The following outlines how refunds are handled with respect to arena hire and clinic entries at Provanston Equestrian Centre:

Clinic Cancellation

  • Provanston Equestrian Centre carry a 7 day cancellation policy for all clinics booked.
  • As such we will not be liable for refunds, under any circumstances, if a cancellation is made within 7 days of the clinic commencement, unless we can find another horse/rider to fill your place.
  • We will allow for riders to fill their place the their allocated clinic spot. If this is achieved, a refund will be issued, once the replacement has paid for the spot taken.
  • A withdrawal is received on or after the day of the clinic, the entrant will not be entitled to a refund or credit note. You may transfer your slot to another rider, sourced by yourself.

Arena Hire Cancellation

  • Free cancellation up to 30mins prior to arrival.
  • Or transfer to another date/time that is available.


Private Hire: 45 mins – £15 per child / £20 per adult

Open Hire: 45 mins – £5 per child / £10 per adult (other liveries or open hires may share the arena space with you).

Clinics: As priced on our events calendar.

The arena is open for others to hire and organise clinics. This will be charged as above in 45 min slots. 1-hour shared slots are for a maximum of 3 riders charged at £30 per hour.

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Provanston reserves the right to change or amend their terms and conditions at any time.